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MAHARSHEE GEOMEMBRANE (INDIA) PVT. LTD. an ISO 9001-2008 Company manufactures, supplies and installs Geomembrane. We are only Indian Producer of three layered blown film and we also make one side/both side textured Geomembrane.  With complete range of products like textured and smooth in HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE Film/Sheet/Liner, having long term durability of strength, flexibility, UV and chemical resistance, extensive range of products most widely used in civil and agricultural fields, irrigation, water and solid waste management, fluid conveyance and containment, ash ponds, soil protection and stabilization, land fills clousers , ponds and reservoirs, irrigation canals and waste treatment plants.

MGIPL is the largest and only three layer co-extruder blow film/Geomembrane width 7 mtrs. and thickness upto 2.5mm, with highest mechanical properties. We are  the largest supplier and iinstaller of Geomembrane in India.

HDPE Geomembrane
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals on account of density >0.94 g/cm3 
Reliable in exposed environment due to high UV protection against degrading and low temperature brittleness
Typically delivered to the site in large rolls manufactured smooth or textured on one or both sided
Typically delivered to the site in large rolls manufactured smooth or textured on one or both sided
Panels are heat welded in the field by certified technicians providing a high quality, test certified installation. 
LLDPE Geomembrane is a flexible membrane liner that can confirm to any surface even in cold temperature.
High elongation, tear resistance and burst strength properties
Contains carbon black  to enhance longevity and outdoor performance
Available in large rolled goods manufactured to be either smooth or textured on one or both sided to improve friction. 
Custom size factory welded panels that are accordion folded and rolled for economical deployment in the field.
TEXTURED HDPE & LLDPE : Our blown film textured liners have smooth edges which provides increased friction angles for higher stability on steep slope applications. Additionally the smooth edges result in easier, more effective, more consistent and better welding.
Our installation (Hot Wedge welding systems) are having cleaner bonds with greater consistency, raise productivity, reduce maintenance and down time by fusion technology and automatic wedge machine.
We feel our quality, only in creating legacy of leadership and excellence that will make all of us proud. If given us opportunity, our product will prove up to your utmost satisfaction.